Iboga / Ibogaine for Depression and Anxiety

Iboga for Depression
Research studies regarding the use of psychedelics for the treatment of mental disorders and conditions are making a comeback, and the results thus far are more than promising. Shamans and indigenous tribes have known of the healing properties of their sacred herbs for centuries, now science may be catching up with what has always been known by shamans. The difference in the schools of thought between science and shamanism may never mesh, but the more studies that are conducted and published is a step in the right direction to help spread awareness and in turn, enable many more people to get the help they need. At Iboga Wellness Center, we view iboga as more of a visionary herb instead of a “psychedelic”. We treat people on a mental, physical and spiritual level. We feel that all three are important and necessary.

Whereas scientists tend to focus more on synthetic psychedelics and observe changes in the brain regarding neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and document various physiological and behavioral changes, shamans offer a spiritual approach regarding working with the “spirit of the plant” and “breaking open one’s mind” to help the individual. Spirituality is commonly left out of any scientific study, but shamans know there is a direct connection between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as a whole. There are many psychedelic substances that science has researched to treat conditions such as depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, addiction, schizophrenia and more. Some recently published studies have tested the use of LSD to treat alcoholism and the use of MDMA to treat post traumatic stress. One substance in particular that has been studied in a wide range of areas is Ibogaine, which is one isolated alkaloid within the iboga TA or iboga rootbark.

Psycho-Spiritual Therapy to treat the Western World for Treating Depression and Anxiety

Iboga and Ibogaine are not “magic bullets”, it is not as simple as ingesting a pill and all symptoms are gone. It definitely takes work and an individual has to be committed to trusting the process and listen to their soul without distractions. Every single person is unique, no two journeys are the same. When you hear people say that their iboga experience was like 10 years of therapy in one night, some people do experience that. Some people have life reviews and identify negative thought and behavioral patterns, where those patterns started and why. Some people have a slower “de-programming” process, and that is okay too. Iboga is an herb that was put on this earth to help anyone that is ready. The best way to describe iboga is a “tool” for helping yourself.