5 Considerations For Choosing An Iboga / Ibogaine Facility

choosing an iboga / ibogaine facilityWe asked our Facebook friends for questions about Iboga recently and this question kept popping up:

“How do you choose an Iboga Facility?”

So we wanted to take some time to elaborate on the answer here. Below are 5 things to keep in mind when choosing a center to go to.

1. Do your research. Find out everything you can about a center. Knowledge is power when you are making a decision. It is an investment that requires some time, but it is worth it. Research means reading every page on their website, listen to their testimonials, read the FAQs and look at pictures of the facility.

2. Ask Questions. Not all information is always listed on websites. Connect with the facilities you are researching and ask a lot of questions. Have a list of questions prepared ahead of time so you don’t leave anything out. Keep in mind that how you are treated in the research phase is a direct reflection of how you will be treated during your stay. Does the center call or email you back promptly? Are they giving you proper care and attention? Do they answer your questions thoroughly?

3. Referrals and Reviews. The best way to know exactly where you will be going is to speak with someone that has actually been to the center. You can also check out other non-bias websites to see where they might recommend. Keep in mind that seeing a negative review isn’t always 100% true so it’s best to find out yourself. Both good and bad reviews can be posted by centers or even competitors as a marketing strategy in poor taste sadly, but it does happen. However, if you see multiple negative reviews by many different people with different stories it can be a red flag to research further.

4. What type of treatment would you like? There is a wide range of treatment centers out there when it comes to luxury, medical or shamanic practices, pricing and location. Figure out what the most important aspects of an iboga retreat are for you. Do you want to be guided by a shamanic provider or would you rather be observed by medical staff? Some centers have both shamanic providers and medical staff. Do you want to have a private bedroom and bathroom in more of a luxury facility? Or is that not very important to you if you have a certain budget to follow? Are there other activities to participate in during down time? All good questions to ask.

5. Go where you resonate with. The final and most important step is to make an informed decision about what place best suits you. What facility did you have the best connection with?

*Written by Iboga Wellness Center. Views and opinions may not reflect all Iboga and/or Ibogaine Facilities