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Iboga and Internet Addiction

IBOGA AND INTERNET ADDICTION In the age of information, the answers are quite literally at our fingertips. How many hours a day do we tap at keyboards, swipe left on smartphones, and make contact with multiple screens? We’ve become attached to the vast, ever-present glory of the Internet and its many distractions — because it’s… Read more »

Zoe Nightingale Podcast On Her Trip To Iboga Wellness

Zoe Nightingale had her trip to Iboga Wellness Center in 2018 Zoe gives a candid look of the many questions that come up to those visiting Iboga Wellness. Zoe calls her friends and family before her meeting with iboga. Zoe came to Iboga Wellness to let things go that were no longer serving her.   

Iboga Provider Levi Barker Featured On Vigilantes Radio Podcast

Levi Parker one of our iboga providers at Iboga Wellness was recently featured on Vigilantes Radio Podcast. In the podcast Levi speaks about the retreat experience and tradition at Iboga Wellness Center. Listen and find out more about iboga, our retreat experience  and iboga treatment. Listen to “The Iboga Wellness Center Interview.” on Spreaker.