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Iboga / Ibogaine for Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

Iboga for PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression People from all walks of life come to the Iboga Wellness Center. Some people come for problems with addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, belief systems, or all the above and everything in between. All of these problems are manifestations of a one larger, underlying core issue which is losing control… Read more »

Iboga and Internet Addiction

IBOGA AND INTERNET ADDICTION   In the age of information, the answers are quite literally at our fingertips. How many hours a day do we tap at keyboards, swipe left on smartphones, and make contact with multiple screens? We’ve become attached to the vast, ever-present glory of the Internet and its many distractions — because… Read more » – Interview with Gary Cook of Iboga Wellness Center

Shamanic Iboga Treatment in Costa Rica: Interview with Gary Cook of Iboga Wellness Center Gary Cook is the founder of Iboga Wellness Center (IWC) in Costa Rica where he, his son, and their staff offer iboga treatment. IWC is unique among ibogaine healing centers — whereas many centers today use synthetic ibogaine, Cook and his son use… Read more »

Trip to Gabon, Africa – July 2015

Jeff & Anthony just returned from a journey to the root in Gabon, Africa. They immersed themselves into the Bwiti tradition while going through their full initiations and rites of passage.  This experience for them deepened their relationship with Iboga on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  While there were many teachings during their stay… Read more »