Upcoming Iboga Documentary

Iboga Wellness is honored to be part of an upcoming documentary project, which will be filmed at our center in Costa Rica from December 13 to December 20, 2019.

We are seeking two final participants to be part of this rare, intimate group of five guests.

Directors are looking for individuals who have been affected either by childhood sexual abuse, or post-combat veteran PTSD.

Please contact us to learn more about special pricing options for this retreat.

Iboga Wellness Director Levi Barker says the intention of the film is to spread awareness of Iboga’s wide range of healing potential — outside of the realm of substance addiction.

“Iboga heals all types of trauma. Most media about Iboga or Ibogaine focuses on treating addicts or addiction,” says Levi, adding that Ibogaine is an extract of Iboga used in drug detoxes, and Iboga Wellness uses only Iboga to access the full spirit of the plant. “We want Iboga to be recognized for the truth of what it is — a profound healing tool that accesses all traumas and patterns, not just those of drug users.”

Iboga is an incredible medicine that has helped countless individuals release their depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, physical/sexual/emotional trauma, abandonment, heartbreak, grief/loss, self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thoughts and behaviors, conditioned beliefs — and embody the truth about who and what they are.

“The film will also portray the type of ceremonies we host at Iboga Wellness,” he says of the traditional, shamanic Bwiti approach. “Our providers were trained by the Bwiti — who are from Central-West Africa and have been using Iboga for generations to study and master life itself. And that’s how we work with Iboga here.”

A psycho-spiritual Bwiti ceremony, for non-addicted Westerners, has yet to be captured on film.

“The world is waking up quickly, and people are ready to confront their fears and heal,” Levi says. “To meet this need, we want to spread awareness of Iboga’s existence, so that all those suffering — from whatever ails their spirit — can finally find an answer.”

For this session, everything will be done the same way we always do, but there will be cameras recording the process. For participants, it is important to understand that your story and healing may become public if it’s chosen to be included in the documentary. Each participant will receive a reduced rate for the session.

To find out more about the 8-day Psycho-Spiritual session, click here.