What is the Iboga Wellness facility like?

The Iboga Wellness Center consists of a 6,000 square foot luxury home. Some of our staff live at the facility and we have 5 bedrooms available for guests, each with a private bathroom. Our rooms are fully furnished and well maintained. We have a housekeeping staff that cleans your room, complete with laundry service. You… Read more »

What airport do I use to come to the Iboga Wellness Center?

We pick people up at the Liberia, Costa Rica International Airport (LIR), also know as the Daniel Oduber International Airport. Our facility is located 30 minutes from the airport just outside of Liberia, Costa Rica. The best time to arrive is mid-day (around noon) on the opening day of the session (usually the 3rd, 13th… Read more »

Will there be a conflict with my religion?

Bwiti is a tradition, not a religion. The Iboga Wellness Center does not try to convert guests from their religious practices. Every person has their own beliefs and path in life. Iboga is centered around finding your own truth, seeing it with your own eyes and hearing it with your own ears. Our fireside ceremonies… Read more »

What if I have a special diet?

No problem, just email us your diet details prior to arrival and we will make sure the cook is prepared. Please note that not all products and produce that are offered in North America or Europe are available in Costa Rica. We will do our best to meet your food preferences.