What is the climate like in Costa Rica at different times of the year?

Costa Rica is in a tropical climate just 10 degrees north of the equator between Nicaragua and Panama. It is a small country that has three micro-climates. We are located in the Pacific Northwest side of Costa Rica where it does not rain as much compared to the Central Valley. The dry season starts around the end of November/early December and lasts through April/May and it can be around 90 degrees during the day and 70 degrees at night. During the rainy season, the landscape is green and the temperature cools down a bit. It is a beautiful time to visit Costa Rica. During most of the rainy season, we may get a short rain shower once a day or every other day. During mid October to the end of October there may be a daily shower that normally does not last long. We still have sessions all year long, three times a month.