What is the type of Iboga you administer and what is the dosage amount?

We never go by body weight because a small person may have more of a tolerance to iboga whereas a larger person may be more sensitive to iboga. The amount is different with every batch of iboga total alkaloid extract because potency levels can vary. We administer the iboga gradually and wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for a person to feel the effects before deciding if a person needs more iboga or not. We will not know how much you are going to take until the time comes. The dosage on the initial iboga detox session may be different than the second guided journey session as well. We use the TA (total alkaloid) form of iboga. We do not use Ibogaine, which is just one alkaloid within the second layer of the iboga root. However, TA Iboga consists of around 65% ibogaine. We do not isolate one alkaloid because there are other alkaloids that have healing properties.