Hear in Peter’s words what iboga has done in his life. Peter came to IWC having done a lot of inner work. That work was greatly accelerated with life’s tool. Iboga.

We are now honored to have Peter as part of the staff. He is a beautiful presence to have during your stay here.

Peter’s experience of experiencing deep healing in a short amount of time is not uncommon at Iboga Wellness Center. Some of us need more time to process what we learn during our experience. Iboga is a teacher that keeps on teaching well after leaving IWC.

At Iboga Wellness Center you don’t just get the iboga experience, you get the wisdom of our Bwiti shared with you. These are powerful tools when navigating the human experience. This path never stops once on it.

To further support our iboga family Peter has started having integration calls 2x per month to support all past IWC clients. Get in touch if you want the most recent dates, we will be posting a page on the site for this soon.

Iboga Wellness sends their love.