The Matrix

Many of us found the film ‘The Matrix’ very enlightening and eye-opening. It is a fantastic film because it provides such revealing insights into modern life in our world. We don’t believe that we are plugged into a computer that is producing our experiences, but rather that our human experience has been altered by those in control because they don’t want us to find out about what we really are capable of. That knowledge would make us much more difficult to control.

The Matrix has you

The real Matrix is a control system that it just about everywhere in our world, similar to the Matrix described in the film. It is our governments and their education systems that program us from an early age to forget who we are in order fit into the system.

Red Pill Blue Pill

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to remove that programming and move back to your real self: Iboga. Iboga is a small tree that grows in western equatorial Africa primarily in the country of Gabon. The medicine from the Iboga tree, the bark of its roots, has been used by countless generations of people in Gabon for healing and spiritual discovery. By eating this medicine, which we put into a red capsule, the programming of the system can be removed.

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