After you experience a life changing iboga retreat there can be an adjustment period when you go back to normal life. This is a powerful time to put new habits into use. You have to remember that although you have changed, people and the environment back home hasn’t changed. Here are ten tips to keep you on track and to maximize your healing potential.

1. Stay Positive. Whenever you feel negative thoughts pop into your mind, remember that you are not powerless. Change the negative thought into a positive and it will eventually become a habit. If you have trouble at first then you can start by making a gratitude list. When you feel a negative thought or behavioral pattern coming on, go through your gratitude list and think about all of the blessings you have in your life.

2. Don’t Procrastinate. If you need to do something, get it done that day. Don’t put it off because it will only cause anxiety or worry and destroy your peace. Never go to bed with resentments. Deal with the situation immediately.

3. Remove Yourself From Toxic Situations and Toxic People. If you hang out with toxic people and in toxic places eventually it will rub off on you. Love yourself enough to care about your peace of mind. That can even mean putting up boundaries for family. If you can’t remove yourself just remember, the key is how you react to it and you have power over that.

4. Take Care of Yourself. You have probably heard this over and over but it bares repeating. Get exercise to create mood lifting endorphins, get enough sleep to regenerate, eat good foods to be healthy and always stay hydrated. Give yourself the best chance possible at feeling amazing.

5. Live in the Present. The past doesn’t exist anymore and the future is just an expectation. Don’t create unnecessary depression by living in the past and do not create unnecessary anxiety by living in the future.

6. Practice Acceptance. You can only control yourself. Accept the things you cannot change and they are no longer problems.

7. Follow Your True Life Path. Follow what you are passionate about. Make goals and set deadlines. Most importantly, take action.

8. Help Others. When you help others you will feel good because it is so rewarding. Whether it is with your career or just something you do on the side like volunteering.

9. Be Selfish. Remember, you are no good to anyone else if you are not #1. If you need a break, take that time for your own peace.

10. Review Your Journey. Reviewing what happened during your retreat can refresh your mind and give you motivation. You may want to read back over a journal you kept. Remember why you decided to take iboga and the changes you saw in yourself.