Will an iboga treatment permanently cure me of my condition?

How much iboga and a retreat can help someone can vary. Some people have a life changing experience and notice such a big difference right away and some people it is more subtle. To be totally ethical, we cannot guarantee that a person will be cured of depression, disease or disorders. It is important for… Read more »

How many people do you treat during a session?

We like to keep our groups small at Iboga Wellness Center so all of our guests get the proper attention. We may have anywhere from 2-5 guests at a time. We always have around 2-3 providers during a session and more support staff as well. Our medical doctor checks your physical condition upon arrival avoid… Read more »

What are some of the effects while taking iboga?

It is good to not have many expectations of how you want your journeys to go. Ultimately iboga will give you what you need, not always what you expect. The first journey may be more of a physical detox and may be totally different from your second journey, so do not get discouraged through the… Read more »

What if I am afraid to take iboga and if I have a “bad trip”?

Iboga is different from any other plant medicine or psychoactive substance out there. It is important to be 100% ready and willing to let go and take all that you can get from what iboga has to offer. A little anxiousness is normal when experiencing something that you never have before. However, obsessive fear can… Read more »

Do you have medical staff at the Iboga Wellness Center?

We are a shamanic healing center but we do consult with a medical doctor about each of our guests before their first ceremony. We have our own EKG machine at our facility which our doctor uses to insure that there aren’t any existing heart conditions that would prevent someone from safely taking Iboga. There are… Read more »

Do I need a passport or a travel Visa to visit Costa Rica?

You will need a passport that is valid and the expiration date should be more than 6 months away. You do not need a travel visa if you are coming from The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most European Countries. However, there are a few countries in Africa and Asia that you may… Read more »

What is the climate like in Costa Rica at different times of the year?

Costa Rica is in a tropical climate just 10 degrees north of the equator between Nicaragua and Panama. It is a small country that has three micro-climates. We are located in the Pacific Northwest side of Costa Rica where it does not rain as much compared to the Central Valley. The dry season starts around… Read more »