1. Preparation. Unlike Ayahuasca, there is no food preparation with Iboga. No special diet. However it is best to stay hydrated a few days before and during your retreat since the process can cause constipation if you are dehydrated. No alcohol should be ingested five days prior as well. The most important preparation you can do is to set your intention regarding healing on every level mind, body and soul.

2. Eat Well. It is important to keep your energy up through the process. Eat a variety of foods and make sure you are eating enough during your retreat. Having a good dinner will also help you sleep better.

3. No Distractions. Iboga retreats should be a calm time for maximum healing. Save travel excursions and adventures for before or after your retreat if you would like to see more of Costa Rica while you are there. It is beneficial to take some \me\ time to listen to your soul and observe the places iboga can take you. Sometimes people have the most powerful realizations the day after the iboga ceremony. Our lives are so busy, try to \unplug\ and enjoy the down time to slow down and absorb. Iboga is a powerful teacher plant and you can learn a lot.

4. Learn From the Shamanic Providers. Our providers have years of training with a Missoko Bwiti Shaman and years of experience guiding people through their journey. Our providers have gone to Gabon, Africa where they were initiated into the Bwiti tradition, a trip they have taken a few times. They will talk a lot around the fire ceremonies and they will share their shamanic knowledge. Feel free to ask questions both during and between ceremonies. You can learn all about the \Art of Living Life\.

5. Stay Positive. Trust the process. While you are detoxing and learning about you, it will help to stay positive. You may have \ups and downs\ during the retreat while your body and mind are de-programming and re-programming and it is okay, just part of the process. What you feel on day 3 will be different compared to day 8. Try to \go with the flow\ and be patient with yourself. Negative thoughts will only grow when you give attention to them.

6. Don’t Force It. There are normal symptoms that can be uncomfortable at first when taking iboga, but just relax. Try not to create expectations of how you want your journey to go. The Spirit of Iboga will sit and wait until you are ready with a calm and open mind. The shamanic providers will be there the whole time to guide and help you. It is common to have many thoughts coming and going at times. If you feel distracted, just relax and focus on the soft Bwiti music that will be playing to re-center yourself. Bwiti music is always played during ceremonies and it has many spiritual purposes.

7. Be Comfortable. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing during your journey. You may feel temperature changes. You will have a sheet while you are laying down and if you get cold, just ask one of the providers for a blanket. You will also want to wear shoes you can easily slip off since your are barefoot during ceremonies in order to stay grounded. Also, be comfortable enough to ask for help if you need something, whether it is a with your thoughts or help to walk to the restroom if you are feeling dizzy.

8. Aftercare. You will be resting in your room the day after ceremonies and the providers and/or doctor will continually check on you. Don’t worry if you cannot sleep. It is common to not fall asleep until later that evening. It is a good time to relax and listen to what iboga is showing you. It is also beneficial to stay away from electronics and reading materials the whole day so you are not distracted. Feel free to ask questions when the providers check on you. If you do not feel like walking just yet, no problem. The providers will bring you your meals. You will feel great once you get a good nights sleep.

9. Focus On You. If you have been contemplating on whether or not to go on a retreat with a loved one or group of friends, a good tip is to focus on you and not them during the retreat. Simply put, the process needs to be about you and sometimes loved ones can be more of a distraction than a comfort. Talk to our Director of Guest Services if you have a loved one that would like to travel with you.

10. Know Your Facility. When researching facilities, make sure you resonate with what they offer. Our center has private bedrooms and private bathrooms, a pool and a lot of room for privacy. If you have a special diet, just let us know before arrival. Get to know your facility well by asking questions, looking a pictures, reading the website and listening to testimonials. Trust is so important when deciding on a place to take your journey. Always remember that how you are treated before arrival is a direct reflection of how you are treated during the retreat.

*These 10 tips are provided by Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. We are a shamanic healing center with medical supervision. The tips provided are opinions from years of shamanic training and years of treatment experience and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of other treatment centers.