In a small pueblo nestled high above the trees at 2,150-foot elevation, Iboga Wellness Center procures breathtaking views of the mountains, river and valley below — reverberating in the pulse of Southern Costa Rica’s tropical heartbeat. 

Abundance and sustainability thrive on this 3.5 acre property, complete with an abundance of fruit trees, flowers, edible plants, and exotic wildlife. 

Set in the midst of this tropical paradise is our 9-bedroom retreat house, featuring easeful transition between luxurious indoor living facilities and expansive outdoor spaces. Hammocks are strung throughout the gardens and grounds, where guests can integrate profound medicine experiences while absorbing the natural beauty, gentle breeze and warm, humidity-free weather this region of the country offers. 

Our on-site private chef touches the palate with organic garden-to-table meals, allowing guests to deeply connect to the land while ensuring all personal dietary preferences are met. 

A deep connection to nature is felt by our guests, and Costa Rica’s safe, nurturing energy creates a humble atmosphere for learning — about oneself, about life, and about truth.