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Gabon, Bwiti Initiation Retreat
June, 2021

For a select few who have already experienced the profound depth and incredible speed of Iboga’s healing, journeying to the source of where this medicine comes from, and completing a traditional Bwiti Full Initiation, may feel like a soul calling — an imperative part of our journey in life.

Meeting the medicine in Gabon, Africa is a far different experience than meeting the medicine in the comfort of the Western World. But those who feel a pull to Africa beyond any doubt, beyond logical reason, are being called for a reason.

As such, this retreat is not recommended for those who have not experienced a flood dose of Iboga. Anything less than an intense draw to Gabon is an indication that Africa is not a fit. The commitment must be 100 percent. Not only to the intensity that the jungles of Gabon deliver, but to the length of integration time that follows this experience.



A Bwiti Full Initiation is a shamanic initiation of oneself into the ancient Bwiti traditions, teachings and ways of being that this culture uses to navigate and master life. It is a commitment to taking Bwiti truths and applying them — for a lifetime. And Iboga plays a very big part in the experience.

Bwiti is not a religion. It is a spiritual philosophy of introspection and self-discovery. A discovery of truth, and an eventual mastery in the art of living. And Iboga is the chief tool the Bwiti use to master life itself.

What does this mastery of life mean? It means freeing our minds. Discovering our true life’s purpose. Connecting to and nurturing our relationship with our soul. Embodying the truth. And never going back.

The Full Initiation serves to help break through blockages in our bodies, minds and spirits — in ways that even an Iboga ceremony in the Western world could never accomplish. It is deeper. It is an embarkation into an uncharted new phase of life. It is a gateway to freedom.


Of the Initiation, 10th Generation Bwiti Shaman Moughenda says, “Rebirth is about pain. The same pain when you see a woman having a baby. I don’t think she’s having fun; she’s going through hell. It’s the same in a Full Initiation. The pain sets you free. Transforms you. Everything you’ve been carrying around — since day one — you leave behind in the jungle. You do it once, and you don’t go backwards again. It’s where you find the truth about life, where you come from, and what you’re here for. That’s a Full Initiation.”

The experience of Bwiti Initiation in Africa poses a stark difference from an Iboga retreat in the West. In the West, we ingest the medicine, learn about Bwiti truths and teachings, and when we begin to feel the effects of Iboga, we take to our mattresses and spend the night in a journey space. When the sun comes up, we return to our private, comfortable rooms and spend much time in stillness, processing the emotions and insights.

In Gabon, a Full Initiation involves eating more medicine than we have ever consumed in a Western ceremony. We are not still, we are not lying down. We take an active part in the ceremony, in the temple, where the Bwiti are playing traditional instruments — drums, Mougongo, rattles — and dancing until the sun comes up.

We are made to dance as well. All night. We show up without question for this monumental movement into ourselves. The intensity of external stimuli is overwhelming. And we are not mere observers. We are a part of the ceremony. And we commit to accepting and moving through its intensity.

This fierce power is felt in the moment, while the ceremony experience is unfolding, yet it is also felt in the integration — when we leave Africa and return to our lives.

We know that a Western Iboga ceremony involves a significant period of integration time, in which we must curate our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our environment and our influences, to support the teachings Iboga has imparted. It is work, and it is often challenging. But we know that if we do not stray from practicing truth, the rewards are immeasurable.

We must also be ready and willing to do this work following a Full Initiation. However, in the case of Africa, the magnitude of the integration experience, and the length of time of this process, is greatly lengthened.

It is obvious that the Full Initiation is not for everyone. However, for those who read these words and still feel the calling, the dire importance, of showing up in the fire, of moving through it unfalteringly, in the spirit of freedom, joy, purpose and truth — in the spirit of ending human suffering — we must journey to the root.



A 10th generation Bwiti shaman, Moughenda’s life purpose is to spread Iboga’s healing to an ailing world. This mission has taken him from his home country of Gabon, Africa, and around the globe, where he has provided the sacred root to thousands of Westerners.

Now back in Africa, Moughenda and his village implement traditional, shamanic Bwiti practices and use the whole, organic Iboga root, to push journeyers through life-changing spiritual initiations, detoxifications, and traditional physical healings.

Iboga Wellness staff have trained extensively under Moughenda, and have all journeyed to Gabon and completed Full Initiations with their teacher.

Moughenda Bwiti Shaman


-Traditional Welcome Ceremony

-Missoko Bwiti Full Initiation

-Spiritual Shower

-Shamanic Physical Healings

-Herbal Jungle Medicines

-Psycho-Spiritual Healings

-Ancient Bwiti Teachings

-Fresh Iboga Root Bark

-Iboga Teas Prepared by Village Shamans

-Full Immersion into Sacred Tradition


Cost for the Gabon, Africa retreat is $3,500 USD per person

June, 2020 – Arrive in Libreville Gabon on June 17 and you will then be taken to the village the day after arrival.

Go back to Libreville  stay one night and then fly out.

Pricing includes meals, village accommodations, transportation to and from Libreville International (LBV) Airport

*Airfare not incuded

All interested parties must complete a thorough screening process prior to booking their journeys. Email our director at to begin this process.




Complete screening with our director

Obtain valid passport

Request Gabonese Visitor’s Visa from your embassy

Purchase round-trip airfare to Gabon’s Libreville International Airport (LBV)

Schedule vaccination for Yellow Fever (required for admittance into Gabon)



Bug spray/repellent

Unscented soaps/toiletries

Snacks (nuts, crackers, bars, protein powders, shelf-stable items)

Flip-flops or sandals

Closed-toe hiking shoes or sneakers


Swimsuit and towel

Long-sleeved shirts and pants

Shorts and T-shirts


Journal and pen