Psycho-Spiritual Program

Our Psycho-Spiritual Program at Iboga Wellness Center is an 8-day program which has been designed to help people experience spiritual growth and spiritual discovery.

Day 1 – Orientation/Welcoming Ceremony – getting comfortable at our center.
Day 2 – Iboga Fire Ceremony focused on detoxification of the body and mind.
Day 3 – Introspective time for processing the information from the ceremony.
Day 4 – Offsite activity (see below) & Spiritual Shower Ceremony.
Day 5 – Iboga Fire Ceremony focused on spiritual discovery.
Day 6 – Introspective time for processing the information from the ceremony.
Day 7 – Offsite activity.
Day 8 – Closing talk and departure.


The Iboga Fire Ceremony
The fire ceremony starts in the early evening and continues through the night until early the next morning. We start the ceremony by coming together and sitting around an unlit fire. We talk about Life and other important things that come from the Bwiti tradition. This tradition is actually the study of Life itself. After about an hour or so, we light the fire and Iboga is given to each person who is participating in the ceremony. For most people, it takes about an hour until they begin to ‘feel the medicine’. Once someone is feeling the Iboga, they are escorted to a mattress in the nearby temple where they will spend the rest of the night.

Our staff is present throughout the ceremony to help people with their needs, some water to drink, help getting to and from the nearby bathroom, or purging (vomitting). We create a very safe environment for you so you can focus on your experience.

Not everyone experiences purging every time they take Iboga. But sometimes it is necessary to clean the body of toxins. Everyone has their own bucket nearby throughout the ceremony in case you’re feeling nauseous.

At our center, we have 2 different fire ceremonies for a reason. Our goal is to guide you on a spiritual journey with the help of the Iboga spirit. But to journey into the spirit world, we must first be clean, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The first fire ceremony is focused on cleansing the body, the mind, and the spirit(soul). We also ‘open’ your third eye(spiritual vision) using special herbs and barks prepared by the Pygmies. The Iboga medicine and the Iboga spirit will work with you to prepare you for the second fire ceremony. By the time we have the second ceremony, you may be able to ‘travel’ into the spirit world.

In the second fire ceremony, we begin in the same manner. After you are in the temple on your mattress, we will ask you to talk about any ‘visions’ that appear. When the time is right, we will begin the process of guiding you into the spirit world. This process has been used by the Bwiti for many generations. You may be able to see and converse with your own spirit (your soul). Many people are able to ‘travel’ spiritually throughout the world. It is also possible to make contact with deceased family and friends using this process.

The Spiritual Shower Ceremony
The spiritual shower ceremony does not involve taking any Iboga. It is a ceremony that we do with water and other herbs to cleanse you spiritually. This ceremony is also done in the traditional Bwiti way. The spirits of the water are present to cleanse you.

Each person is to bring with them a change of clothes. One by one, each person is bathed using special herbs and barks from Gabon and local sources. Following the washing, everything that you’re wearing must be discarded. So you walk to a private spot where you can change into your fresh clothes and you leave the clothes you were wearing there. It’s best to bring some clothes that you don’t mind leaving behind.

During the ceremony, you work with a special leaf and you have the opportunity to remove things from your life: fears, anxieties, anything that you want to release. You also the opportunity to ask for positive things to come into your life. Many people report that the things they release are soon gone and the things they wanted occur. The key to this is really meaning it and being 100% committed to making it happen.

Offsite Activities
Working with Iboga is incredibly powerful and amazing things can happen. But it’s also important for your wellness to have some activities that make it easier to relax and enjoy yourself. So we have various activities that we offer to give you a little break.

– trips to the beach (we are located about 15 minutes from several of Costa Ricas’ best beaches)
– hikes & horse back riding available on site
– trips to local communities and shops
– on-site activities: swimming in our pool, bird & monkey watching (monkeys live on the property), plenty of space for yoga and we have hiking trails

2 spa-lunchmassage