indian laurel tree covered in mata palo

Across the planet, indigenous wisdom keepers have always known of plants and medicines that exist in nature solely to help humans heal.

Every plant on Earth contains its own spirit and holds distinct healing properties.

Iboga is Central West Africa’s chief plant spirit, possessing an extremely powerful, benevolent energy. For the Bwiti and Pygmy people, Iboga has been used for thousands of years for physical and spiritual healings, spiritual self-discovery, and to study the Art of Living.

While the Iboga tree is actually a small, fruit-bearing, shrublike jungle tree, the active psycho-spiritual properties of the plant are found in its roots. Roots which spend their lives deep in the Earth, soaking in the wisdom of nature and of life itself.

Why Would Someone Want To Work With Iboga?

When we ingest this root, we activate the simple, natural source truth that exists within all things. Iboga in it’s natural form is not ibogaine although iboga does have ibogaine present as an alkaloid.

Iboga takes us into the deepest parts of ourselves, to observe the source of our traumas, conditioned belief patterns, social constructs, fears, attachments, assumptions, and other factors — with the intention of healing them and reawakening to the simplicity of life.

What Iboga is not is a magic pill. For the medicine to do its work, it requires the involvement and commitment of the individual. Iboga can show us many things, but it is always our choice to do the work — to take what it gives us and apply it to our lives.

The energy of Iboga is not so much about exploring the cosmos outside as it is about tuning towards ourselves inside. It’s about going within, and working through the things that relate directly to our life. We can heal the traumas of our past (depression) and release worries around potential futures (anxiety) in order to come to the present moment and live our lives fully, in the now, the only thing ever happening.

Iboga’s work is specifically tailored to heal our own unique life circumstances. No two people will ever have the same Iboga experience. And no one person will ever have the same journey twice. Iboga shows up to meet whatever current need is most critical, helping us heal ourselves based on where we are at that time in our life.

iboga botanical art image
circle of life geometric image

Whichever way Iboga chooses to navigate our healing, it is always about seeking truth. External conditions may have caused our light of truth to sink deeper into the the shadows with age, but our light was never fully extinguished. Iboga hunts it out, and illuminates the remembering of what we truly are.

Bearing witness to the rebirth of our truth is empowering and lasting. Iboga removes our self-imposed blocks so that we can rediscover and reclaim the truth for ourselves.