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Healing Iboga Retreat

The Iboga Wellness Center, located in beautiful Costa Rica, offers spiritual retreats and detoxification programs to provide people with a rich opportunity to heal themselves on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. Our emphasis is on the spiritual because healing is much deeper when problems are resolved on the spiritual level first. Physical and mental problems are often the result of deeper underlying spiritual issues.


Healing, Iboga, Costa Rica – The Ultimate Wellness Getaway

Our center has been designed to create an environment that will support your healing process, resulting in a profoundly healing inner journey to your truth. Iboga Wellness Center is the oldest iboga retreat center in Costa Rica doing psycho-spiritual retreats. For over 5 years we have guided people in overcoming whatever blocks they have and freeing themselves to live a happy productive life.

Iboga Wellness Center is located in the Guanacaste area of Costa Rica. The retreat center is located on a 400 acre farm with abundant fruit trees, monkeys, hiking trails, a river and plenty of seclusion to go deep within yourself.

Our guest rooms provide an extremely comfortable, beautiful, and friendly place to focus on healing and spiritual growth. We have many areas where you can be alone or have a conversation with another guest or a member of our staff. Groups range from 5 to a maximum of 7 guests per retreat.

We work with the powerful plant medicine, Iboga. This medicine comes from a small tree that grows naturally in western equatorial Africa, primarily in the country of Gabon. We receive this medicine directly from our Bwiti village in Gabon Africa. The medicine has been blessed and sent to us with a strong intention of healing.

Iboga has been used by the people of this area for countless generations as a tool to heal the body, mind, and spirit. These people are called the Bwiti. The Bwiti have used iboga to study life for many many years. This wisdom has been passed down to us to share with you. All of our Bwiti Iboga providers have been trained in Costa Rica and Gabon by a Bwiti shaman and have been initiated into the Misokko Bwiti through initiation ceremonies.


Iboga vs Ibogaine

We do not use the pharmaceutical, Ibogaine. Ibogaine is extracted from the Iboga tree (Tabernanthe Iboga) but the extraction process causes it to lose many of the amazing properties of pure, natural Iboga. Chemically, Ibogaine is 1 of 12 alkaloids that occur in the Iboga tree’s medicine.

We believe that Iboga in its natural form, with all of its alkaloids, is the best way to use this medicine. It is the way nature made it and it contains organic keys that provide access to the spirit of Iboga. This is not an ibogaine retreat; this is an iboga retreat, with extensively trained iboga providers guiding you throughout the process.


Our Iboga Ceremony

Our providers perform ceremonies that are similar to those done at a Gabon iboga retreat, but oriented to people from North America and Europe. We have found this combination of Bwiti meets the Western world is the most effective way for our guests to move forward in life with a clear understanding of who they are and what they want from their life. Most of our staff is from the United States, but we have worked with people from all over the world. Everyone on our staff shares a common goal to provide an experience that will truly help you and allow you to be able to know yourself better.


         8 Day Psycho-Spiritual Iboga Retreat Overview

    • We serve excellent organically minded meals throughout the week and cater to all diet types. We encourage you to eat well during the retreat, there is no fasting or specific diet for our retreat. You will be physically cleansed and being well nourished for this cleanse is important.
    • We will have a welcoming ceremony and orientation around a fire in the evening of day 1 
    • One on one preparation talks will happen with each guest. 
    • You will participate in 2 iboga ceremonies with iboga from sacred trees on day 2 and day 5 
    • (Optional) massages and horseback riding 
    • Each guests will participate in a spiritual shower cleansing ceremony during the week 
    • 2 beach outings during the week 
    • Integration talks and wisdom from the Bwiti tradition will happen throughout the iboga retreat 
    • Guided journeys during the iboga ceremonies 
    • Closing talks and music on the final evening of the retreat
    • Post retreat integration calls


Benefits of Iboga

The benefits of iboga are many. Some of the primary benefits of iboga that you can experience at our iboga healing center are:

  • A deep and lasting spiritual transformation and and new found sense of inner peace 
  • Those fighting addiction, depression, PTSD, or anxiety problems can discover the root of that pain and begin to heal 
  • For opiate addicts, iboga can eliminate the need for more drugs and significantly reduce the effects of withdrawal.  
  • For people with other addictions, Iboga can be used to eliminate the need for substances, overeating/undereating, porn, technology and anything else that doesn’t serve you anymore.  
  • For depression, PTSD and anxiety, iboga is very effective at revealing the underlying causes and healing the mind/brain to live free from ailments of the mind. 
  • For spiritual seekers, iboga can reconnect you with your soul/spirit and allow you to experience spiritual discovery.

We love to connect directly with those who are interested in working with this medicine. Please
contact us if you have any questions about the process, our center, or anything related to iboga. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you on life’s journey!