A common question asked by those seeking the medicine is, “How do you choose the right Iboga facility?”

Generally, people know deeply as soon as they resonate with a certain facility, style of providing, retreat website, or when they read about the team of individuals at that retreat.


1. Do Your Research — Find out everything you can about a center and its providers. Knowledge is power when you are making this decision. Research means reading every page of a center’s website, watching or reading their testimonials, reading the FAQs, and viewing pictures of the facility.

Iboga Wellness conducts ceremony in a traditional, shamanic way, and all of our providers have been trained by a 10th Generation Gabonese Bwiti Shaman. Providers have also been to Gabon, Africa, where they completed Full Initiations into the Bwiti tradition.

Founded in January of 2013, we are the longest-running psycho-spiritual Iboga retreat in the Western Hemisphere.

2. Ask Questions — Don’t hesitate to ask a question if a center’s website doesn’t answer it for you. Keep in mind that how you are treated in the research phase is a direct reflection of how you will be treated during your stay. Does the center call or email you back promptly? Do they answer your questions thoroughly? Do they have an integration program in place for past clients? Do they have experience working with people with severe anxiety, PTSD and depression?

At Iboga Wellness, we welcome any and all questions about the experience, our background, and our facility. Choosing a facility is an important decision, and questions mean a person is taking that decision seriously. We are available to answer questions at any time, at info@ibogawellness.com

3. Referrals and Testimonials — The best way to know exactly where you will be traveling to, and how the retreat is run, is to speak with someone who has actually experienced Iboga at the center you’re considering.

Simply drop us a line and ask us to connect you with a previous client. We have many guests who have been to Iboga Wellness and are happy to share their experiences with those considering. We also provide video testimonials on our website.

4. What type of treatment resonates with you? — Today, there are a wide range of Iboga treatment centers all over the world. Each center provides the medicine in its own way, regarding luxury, medical or shamanic practices, pricing, location, and type of Iboga.

First, determine what the most important aspects of an Iboga retreat are for you. Do you want to be guided by a shamanic provider in a spiritual way, or would you rather be observed by medical staff in a clinical way? Would you like the spiritual components of Iboga root bark or Total Alkaloid (TA), or would you prefer the clinical Ibogaine experience? Would you prefer luxury accommodations, or is budget a factor for you?

Iboga Wellness only offers Iboga root bark and TA — this is the only way to work with all 14 active alkaloids in the medicine and thus experience the full spirit of the plant. Ibogaine, while extremely beneficial, is just one isolated alkaloid in the Iboga root, and does not contain the full-spectrum healing of the plant in its whole form.

While our focus is the shamanic, spiritual approach to ceremony, we also employ a medical doctor on our staff so that guests feel at ease in all their needs, both spiritual and physical.

Our sprawling hacienda property at Iboga Wellness offers luxury accommodations, rooms with private bathrooms, an inground pool, onsite chef, off site excursions, and other comforts.

5. Go for the retreat you resonate with. The final and most important step is to make an informed decision about what place best suits your unique needs and energy. What facility did you have the best connection with?