Whether we’re battling depression ourselves or know someone who is, we’ve likely witnessed the complexities plaguing those in this state of suffering.

According to an NBC News report, one in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drug — mostly antidepressants.

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With symptoms like sadness, lethargy, anger, sleeplessness or over-sleeping, pessimism, recklessness, loss of interest in life, hopelessness, and indifference, these cycles can seem unbreakable. And while Western medicine is adept at treating the symptoms, this method isn’t healing depression.

Are medications doing anything to address the core wound or trauma that caused our depression in the first place?

The answer here is a resounding no. Antidepressants treat pain on a surface level, temporarily masking issues that will resurface as soon as medication is discontinued.

On a soul level, no one wants to take a medication for the rest of their life, tricking their brain into feeling a sense of false peace and contentment — medicated emotions that come nowhere near to the joy of real, authentic peace and contentment.

A powerful medicine, the Spirit of Iboga helps us to remember. When Iboga merges with our own Spirit, its source truth is mirrored in our souls. It illuminates the truth we hold within us, reminds us of our own empowerment.

When we remember our power, we are able to tap into our fearlessness and courage. Then we can begin climbing out of the dark depths to face the truth.

We must confront our difficult, dark past — head-on. We must finally do what we’ve tried so hard to avoid — face the past and accept it.

Only then are we able to release the darkness, and the control it had over our life.

By letting go of the past, we shift our perspective. This is an essential key to flowing with life instead of resisting it. What if the trauma we experienced all those years ago was actually a gift, not a curse? What if that trauma was the sole factor that ignited a journey to arrive at the most purpose-driven life imaginable?

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It was all a perfect part of our iboga journey. It was all an opportunity for soul growth.

It’s one thing to hear someone else talk about how powerful a shift in perspective can be. How we simply need to release the past so that we can heal. It sounds so simple — but it may feel so complex.

It’s quite another thing to discover it for ourselves.

If medication treats symptoms and works temporarily, we need to go deeper. We need to ask ourselves: what is the root cause of depression, and how do we heal it for good?

Depression is the attachment to — and inability to release — the past. (Similarly, anxiety is obsession with potential, illusory futures).

We must release both past and future to arrive in the place where we belong. The only place that truly exists — the present moment.

And for many of us to arrive in the present, we must put down the medication and turn to the medicine.

When depression manifests, it is often so deeply rooted in past trauma that we have lost the ability to heal it. We’re so consumed by clinging to the past, so far down into our dark hole, that we’ve forgotten the truth — we already have everything inside us to heal depression.

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Iboga is the catalyst that sparks our own personal knowing. The light that guides us to spiritual self-discovery. So that we can come to the truth for ourselves. The power of this is potent and transformative.

When we make the journey to truth, held by Iboga, we finally begin to live in the now.

Living in the present moment is the ultimate present. And the gift of life is already within arm’s reach, simply waiting to be unwrapped.