Video Testimonials – Psycho-Spiritual Program

Iboga Testimonials and Reviews at Iboga Wellness Center

Here you will find videos testimonials of people who experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Psycho-Spiritual Program. You can also view our Iboga Testimonials on our Youtube channel.

We really appreciate all the guests that have such as powerful experience with this medicine that they are willing to leave a testimonial with us. With that said these are a very small portion of all the life changing success stories that have happened here at Iboga Wellness Center.

Zoey Arielle’s experience at IWC – 8 part series

Spencer iboga testimonial – working with iboga to move forward

Vikram Testimonial – Iboga treatment for depression & the art of living

Pritam – Past Trauma & Eating Disorder

Video Testimonials – Addiction Detox Program

Here you will find videos and testimonials of people who have experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Addiction Detox Program.

– Amy S. from Florida (Addiction Detox Program)

– Tim from Florida, 9 month update after treatment (Addiction Detox Program)

– Tim D from Massachusetts, 8 month update after treatment (Addiction Detox Program)

Written Testimonials

Written Iboga Testimonials at Iboga Wellness Center

“Thank u so much for being such a great positive influence for us while we were down there what u guys do down there was nothing short of a miracle for us and we appreciate it more than u know. We have been clean since we left and love having our lives back thank you so much again love”

– Erika and Tony from USA

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