Iboga Preparation & Integration Coaching


Psycho-Spiritual Program-

Preparation & Integrative Coaching

To ensure you get the most from your experience, we offer additional preparation and aftercare integration coaching provided by Being True To You, experts in iboga and entheogenic transformational and integration coaching. Preparation coaching helps you step into your experience with clear intentions, an open honest mind, a relaxed body, and a solid plan for your return home. Aftercare integration coaching is where you bring all your insights to life, and create and sustain the changes you set out to achieve through a daily process of mindfulness, introspection, application, and integration.


Addiction-Detox Program-

Integration Recovery Coaching

To best prepare you for this experience, support your early and long-term recovery, and follow-up with the kind of integration and accountability you’ll need to succeed, we offer more comprehensive integration recovery coaching sessions with certified Being True to You Recovery Coaches. Continue your transformational experience through individual, group, and family coaching sessions to ensure you create lasting results after your experience. Iboga ceremonies, especially as it relates to addiction recovery, require ongoing introspection, integration, and dedication beyond what’s normal for you.  

Following your lead, you will be paired with the best-matched coach for you, someone who will collaborate your success, keep you going even when you want to stop, and help you get your life back on track for good. You can talk with your coach and join like-minded community recovery groups virtually from wherever you are. You will have the support you will “need” to get through the hurdles and hardships of early recovery, and all the support you “want” to progress in your transformational journey to living a fully fulfilled life.

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