Video Testimonials – Psycho-Spiritual Program

Iboga Testimonials and Reviews at Iboga Wellness Center

Here you will find videos testimonials of people who experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Psycho-Spiritual Program. You can also view our Iboga Testimonials on our Youtube channel.

We really appreciate all the guests that have such as powerful experience with this medicine that they are willing to leave a testimonial with us. With that said these are a very small portion of all the life changing success stories that have happened here at Iboga Wellness Center.


Corey Iboga Testimonial – How Iboga Has Changed My Life, Veteran PTSD Treatment


Iboga Depression Treatment Testimonial, Laura – Iboga Wellness Center


Gunreet, Canada – Iboga Testimonial – Gunreet Overcoming Depression & Alcoholism with Iboga


Iboga Retreat Testimonial – Iboga Wellness Center – Jai


Iboga Testimonial Holly Stein | Author Healing With Iboga [long term results]


Peter – Iboga Wellness Center Testimonial – Now Part of IWC Staff!


Oron Iboga Experience Testimonial @ Iboga Wellness Center


– Dr. Barsuglia, from California (Psycho Spiritual Program)


Nate’s Testimonial at Iboga Wellness Center – Costa Rica


– Eric, from Massachusetts (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Anne, from Canada (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Francine, from Canada (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Mark, from New York (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Kris, from Washington (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Trisha, from California (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Grayson, from Indiana (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Julie, from California (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Z, from California (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Matt, from Louisiana (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– James, from NYC (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Matt from Oklahoma (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Lindsay from Colorado (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Marilyn from Colorado (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– John from Toronto, Canada (Psycho Spiritual Program)


– Dr. Dan E. from Arizona (Psycho Spiritual Program)