About Iboga Wellness

Founded in January of 2013, Iboga Wellness Center has been in operation longer than any other shamanic, traditional Bwiti Iboga retreat in the Western Hemisphere.

Iboga Wellness Center

Our providers have been initiated in Gabon, Africa, and trained by a 10th Generation Gabonese Bwiti Shaman. The ceremonies we hold are rich in the spiritual tradition and teachings of the Bwiti people.

Our training allows us to create a safe container, from which Iboga can seek out and illuminate source truth that innately exists within every human being. Guests have the opportunity to study and perfect the Art of Living, which is the true Bwiti way.


Located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, Iboga Wellness Center’s main retreat house is the focal point of a lush, 7,000-acre finca (farm) property.

Guanacaste Tree at Iboga Wellness Center

Featuring exquisite Costa Rican architecture, as well as locally-crafted furniture, decor, art and sculpture, our hacienda estate is a unique haven for rest and rejuvenation.


Property grounds are home to families of Howler Monkeys, horses, cows, sheep, and various species of tropical birds. The finca is alive and breathing, witness to the transformation of all who come to heal on her land.

Secluded and private, the property is host to hundreds of fruit trees, backing to a river complete with hiking trails and lush jungle foliage.

Built in 1969, the hacienda’s main house features eight private bedrooms, a spacious common area with lots of natural sunlight, indoor atrium with abundant plant life, and an in-ground pool surrounded by well-tended gardens and flowers.

Iboga Wellness is 12-20 minutes some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. During the iboga retreat at least 2 trips to the beach are made.


Private, on-site chefs craft each meal with love and care, serving up locally-sourced, whole food, organically-minded creations that bridge the gap between traditional Costa Rican cooking and modern tastes. Any and all dietary preferences can be met, at each guest’s request.

healthy meals at Iboga Wellness

Our space is created to be your personal sanctuary for healing, an environment where you feel safe, held and supported in your decision to heal and transform your life.