What is Iboga?

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Iboga is a small tree that is indigenous to central western Africa. In Gabon, this tree is used by the people there to understand Life itself. The bark of the roots of the Iboga tree contains very special medicine (alkaloids). The roots of the Iboga tree are harvested in a very special way. When humans eat this root bark medicine, it acts as a key to gain access to the spirit of Iboga. Eating this medicine allows and asks this spirit to come into their body and mind. Once the Iboga spirit has entered the body and mind, consciousness is broadened and expanded.

To understand this broadening of consciousness, there are a few basic things that you need to know.

First, we, as humans, live simultaneously in 2 worlds. I will refer to these 2 worlds as the physical world and the spirit world. These 2 worlds exist simultaneously and both worlds are wrapped around and through the other. To understand Life, one must know what is happening in both worlds.

We are all very familiar with this physical world. We are aware of it through our 5 physical senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Everything we perceive through these senses tells us about the nature of physical world.

But we also have senses that allow us to know the nature of the spirit world such as intuition and spiritual vision seen through the ‘third eye.’ Generally speaking, most people don’t understand these senses or how to use them to understand what is happening in the spirit world. In most cultures outside of central Africa, most people have forgotten how to use these senses. As a result, the senses of the physical world become dominant and only under unusual conditions are these spiritual senses realized.

The Iboga medicine works with us in both worlds. When the medicine enters our blood stream, it spreads throughout the body and it begins working on us to heal us in a physical way. But more importantly for most of us, it begins to prepare us to experience the spirit world more deeply and fully.

It helps remove toxins and other things that don’t belong within our bodies. It is a powerful detoxifer for chemicals and is an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral herb. Iboga helps your body get back to functioning properly.

The Iboga spirit can guide us into the spirit world, but only after we are cleansed of toxins and toxic thoughts. The spirit world is a very clean and pure world. How deeply we can enter the spirit world is largely a matter of how clean we are.

We do not view iboga as a psychedelic drug, it is more of a visionary tool. When taking iboga you do not lose your sense of self. You do not always have “visions”, sometimes it is more of an intuitive knowing with thoughts. The experience is not abstract, it takes you straight to the truth and connects you to your soul. Think of your brain as a hard drive on a computer. Iboga is like software that de-programs the hard drive and gets rid of viruses. It process through all of the prior information (past traumas, belief systems, learned behavior…). It is a reset so the new re-programming can take effect.