Video Testimonials – Psycho-Spiritual Program

Iboga Testimonials and Reviews at Iboga Wellness Center

Here you will find videos testimonials of people who experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Psycho-Spiritual Program. You can also view our Iboga Testimonials on our Youtube channel.

We really appreciate all the guests that have such as powerful experience with this medicine that they are willing to leave a testimonial with us. With that said these are a very small portion of all the life changing success stories that have happened here at Iboga Wellness Center.

Kelly’s Iboga Testimonial – Soul Re-connection

Lifetime Drug Addiction & Depression Testimonial, Cary – Iboga Wellness Center

Corey Iboga Testimonial – How Iboga Has Changed My Life, Veteran PTSD Treatment

Iboga Depression Treatment Testimonial, Laura – Iboga Wellness Center

Video Testimonials – Addiction Detox Program

Here you will find videos and testimonials of people who have experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Addiction Detox Program.

Written Testimonials

Written Iboga Testimonials at Iboga Wellness Center

“Dear Iboga Family;

I just want you to know how much my experience with Iboga has changed my life. My soul is so happy. I can feel her, hear her, all the time now. My soul is in control, NOT my mind. Ever since I have taken Iboga I have become so clear. My third eye is more open than it ever was. I was experiencing psychic abilities before I took Iboga but now it’s expanded. Not only that, it opened up an energetic gift inside me that has been waiting to reveal itself to me. I dont know if you all remember how excited and happy I was the morning after I took my first dosage of the medicine but I am feeling like this inside now. I love you guys, and I thank you for what you are doing. Gaia is ready to heal her children.”