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Iboga Testimonials and Reviews at Iboga Wellness Center

Here you will find videos testimonials of people who experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Psycho-Spiritual Program. You can also view our Iboga Testimonials on our Youtube channel.

We really appreciate all the guests that have such as powerful experience with this medicine that they are willing to leave a testimonial with us. With that said these are a very small portion of all the life changing success stories that have happened here at Iboga Wellness Center.

Gunreet, Canada – Iboga Testimonial – Gunreet Overcoming Depression & Alcoholism with Iboga

Iboga Retreat Testimonial – Iboga Wellness Center – Jai

Iboga Wellness Center | Reviews &Testimonials

– Dr. Dan E. from Arizona (Psycho Spiritual Program)

Video Testimonials – Addiction Detox Program

Here you will find videos and testimonials of people who have experienced Iboga Wellness Center’s Addiction Detox Program.

Written Testimonials

Written Iboga Testimonials at Iboga Wellness Center

“Heading into the New Year, I chose to spend my time in January going inside to look at more of the truth of my life and what needed attention and healing. No other place to attend to that than the Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. Not only is the staff experienced in the healing process having gone through it numerous times themselves, but they are also tuned into your energy and needs throughout the session.

My intention was to seek more truth and healing on the meaning of intimacy, harnessing sexual energy in constructive ways, and opening my heart further than it has ever been. Having worked with Iboga over the last few years in ceremony, I can say the quality of the medicine is the highest I have experienced and healing journey “THE BEST” …

The staff, from preparing my arrival with Jeanie Blend to my support staff of Gary, Brad, Anthony, and Scott, could not have been easier. Always a little anxious heading into Iboga healing and it was seamless pre, during, and post ceremony. Whether you a veteran working internally or new to this sort of healing work, Iboga Wellness will guide you in the direction you need to go with 100% support.

I cannot say enough about the location of the center, 7 minutes from the ocean, or the living environment. A Casa that would be home to very wealthy individuals, serene and comfortable rooms, poolside each day, and the food was healthy and available when you wanted it. I lost 10 pounds over 10 days and it was due to my fantastic yoga classes in town, healthy food, healthy mind, and Iboga healing!

If you are struggling inside, confused about your life and direction, and feeling a shift within this is a priceless choice. I would pay 20G to do this and I dont have it! The results are beyond your expectations and continue for months leading you in the direction of truth not old karmic conditioning. Loving life!”

– Marc S. from New York