After a life-changing experience here at Iboga Wellness, there can be a profound adjustment period when it’s time to go back to regular life. Integration after and iboga retreat is just as important as the preparation.

A powerful time to put new habits into use, it is important to remember that although you have changed, the people and environment back home hasn’t.

Here are 10 tips to stay in the truth and maximize your healing potential

1. Use Your Mind as A Tool for Positivity — We are so much more than our minds. The mind is meant to be a tool, and our soul is meant to be in control. If negative thoughts arise in the mind, remember that you are the not powerless. By not attaching to the negative thought, and consciously redirecting it to a positive one, you begin to practice a method that will eventually become a habit. If you have trouble at first, start by making a gratitude list. When a negative thought or behavioral pattern appears, revisit your gratitude list and reflect on all of the blessings you have in your life.

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2. Don’t Procrastinate — If there’s something that needs to be done, remember: there’s no time but the present moment. Don’t put it off, because that creates anxiety and worry, the destroyers of peace. Never go to bed with resentments, assumptions, or unfinished business. Deal with the situation immediately, and peace abounds.

3. Remove Yourself From Toxic Situations and People — If you associate with toxic people or frequent toxic places, eventually that energy will rub off on you. Especially after Iboga, which heightens sensitivities. If the person or place is toxic, you’ll know. As soon as that icky feeling arises, it’s the soul instructing you to leave. Love yourself enough to care about your peace of mind. That can even mean setting boundaries with certain family members. If you can’t remove yourself, just remember, the key is how you react. And you have power over that.

4. Take Care of Yourself — It’s really all about the basics. Make a serious effort to exercise daily, which creates mood-lifting endorphins. Get enough sleep to regenerate and rejuvenate. Choose to eat whole, unprocessed, healthy foods, and always stay hydrated. Give yourself the best chance possible to feel radiant.

5. Live in the Present — The past is over. It no longer exists. And the future is just an illusion, a projected expectation. If we dwell on the past, unable to let things go and find acceptance, we invite depression into our lives. By worrying about possible futures that will likely never pan out, we live in constant anxiety. The only place that exists is right here, right now, in the present moment. It is the only place of peace. If you find your mind moving backward or forward, practice unattached awareness by bringing it back to what’s happening in the moment.

6. Practice Acceptance — You can only control yourself. Rather than trying to change situations, other people, or trying to control outcomes, remember to accept it all. When you surrender to life, the problems that once seemed unshakable begin to easefully fade away.

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7. Follow Your Life Purpose — Act on the things that you are passionate about. Make goals and set deadlines. Most importantly, never hesitate. When you begin to follow your heart, Life is programmed to open up doors to support your dream. During the retreat and for some time after a psycho-spiritual retreat you will be receiving guidance on your life’s purpose.

8. Help Others — When you help others, it feels good in your heart. People will remember how  grateful they were for your help, and it organically makes them want to do the same for others. Its power has an endless ripple effect, spreading a sense of community across the globe. We were meant to help our brothers and sisters.

9. Be Selfish — Although there is a negative stigma surrounding this statement, being selfish is actually the greatest gift you can give yourself. You are no good to anyone else if you are not nourished, rested and cared for. If it feels like you need a break, trust yourself. Take that time to rejuvenate and come into your own peace.

10. Review Your Journey — Reflecting on what happened during your Iboga retreat will refresh your mind and illuminate the wisdom and inspiration you received. This reflection will ignite motivation within you to make necessary changes in your life. If you journaled during your retreat, it helps to reread what you wrote. Revisit your intentions for meeting Iboga, and notice how you feel about those intentions post-ceremony.

Iboga Wellness also offer bi-monthly integration calls for all past clients. We recommend taking advantage of this program. Keeping the iboga experience in your consciousness will keep you close to the truth and gifts you received.

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