What are some of the effects while taking iboga?

It is good to not have many expectations of how you want your journeys to go. Ultimately iboga will give you what you need, not always what you expect. The first journey may be more of a physical detox and may be totally different from your second journey, so do not get discouraged through the process. You may have some “ups and downs” through the treatment process which is normal. What you feel like on day 3 will be a lot different than what you feel like on day 7 or 8.

Every person in unique with how they feel when taking iboga because we all have different toxicity levels, mental issues, past traumas, physical issues, some people may have fungal/viral/bacterial infections that the iboga will be working on as well.

Some of the effects may or may not include:

Seeing “tracers” or light trails
Feeling “high” or euphoria
You may hear a high vibration or “buzzing” in your ears

You may have powerful visions or you may have less visions and more deep, introspective thinking

You may have many thoughts that come and go and it may be hard to focus in the beginning

You may experience introspective thinking about your life…past, present and future
Your hands and feet may feel a bit cold at times
Your pupils will be dilated
Sensitivity to light (your eyes are mostly closed during a journey)
Your heart may speed up and slow down
You may vomit as part of the purging process (70% of people may vomit)
Your hands may twitch or shake at times
You may feel warm and sweat at times

Some effects of iboga you may feel afterwards:

Feeling that you need less sleep for a few days
Calmness, once you get a good nights sleep
The day after is still a very introspective time and journaling is beneficial
You may feel temporary ups and downs with your mood while you are working on difficult issues in your life
You may feel very happy
You may feel a bit dehydrated and constipated, which is why it is important to drink plenty of water.

All of these things are normal and part of the process.

We explain the effects to all of our guests prior to taking iboga; On the day you arrive we will conduct an orientation that will go over the process and procedure. This is where we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. The effects of iboga will be explained again at the fire ceremony.