image breaking the chains

So I talked about this last night at our Bwiti Iboga Fire Ceremony here at the Iboga Wellness Center. We talk about lots of things during ceremony, mostly just about life, thats what Bwiti is: The Study of Life. Bwiti is not a religion like you may read on the internet. Its just a way of life, its how we live here at our center and how they live back in Gabon, Africa.

So during ceremony I talked about my Golden Key to staying clean. This is the biggest one of them all, TRUST ME, I know. So after people come here and detox off drugs with Iboga, the battle is only half way done. The next step is to go inside yourself and find your underlying issues, we use Iboga to achieve this, to find your naked truth. This is how and when you can find your inner peace. Ok so thats great! but now how do you keep that, keep that inner peace? I will tell you, from here on out, anytime something comes up in life, something hard or something you don’t want to deal with, you can’t push it off until tomorrow. You have to deal with it THAT day before you go to sleep. You see, if you just say ahh I’ll just deal with it tomorrow… It never goes away…and then when you let another issue pile up on top of the last one, then another…it piles up until your FUCT. At that point there are just to many things going on in your mind and you will break, snap, say fuck it, I can’t deal with this shit no more…Then that little voice, that monkey on your back, Mr Brownstone, he’ll start calling you and calling you until you give in. Trust me, I know. So think easy and live easy. Life will be throwing challenges at you for the rest of your life, you can not escape that…You just need to know how to handle it…then its a piece a cake – Pura Vida by Jeff Cook