Iboga vs. Ibogaine – What’s The Difference?

Iboga Vs. Ibogaine, What’s The Difference?


Iboga Wellness Center uses only whole Iboga root bark and its Total Alkaloid (TA) extraction.


ibogaine moleculeWe do not use Ibogaine, which is just one chemically-isolated alkaloid that is extracted from the Iboga root.


Why do we prefer Iboga TA and root bark? They contain at least 11 other, deeply healing alkaloids, as well as Ibogaine. These additional alkaloids make up the full spirit of the Iboga root, and are absolutely essential in the facilitation of a deep, psycho-spiritual journey.


Without all alkaloids present, the spirit of the plant is significantly weakened and its deepest healing potential cannot be accessed completely.


We believe that using the full spirit of the plant — the way nature made it — and all of its alkaloids is the only way to access a full-spectrum healing. This is a true reset, tending to all levels of our being — the mind, body and spirit.


For cleansing solely the physical body, Ibogaine is extremely beneficial, which is why it has become widely known for its ability to assist in rapid substance detoxes. Detox clinics prefer Ibogaine because it can be easier for the body to process, and because those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction have already abused their bodies quite thoroughly. Thus, Ibogaine allows them to recover more quickly.


At Iboga Wellness Center, we know that deep, lasting healing means accessing truth far beneath the surface of our physical bodies — we need to cleanse spiritually as well as physically. The full Iboga root gives us access to every level of healing.


All of the medicine used at Iboga Wellness is grown wild in the jungles of Gabon, and is ceremonially harvested through our Bwiti shaman.


We believe that Iboga in its natural form, with all of its alkaloids, is the best way to use this medicine. It is the way Nature made it and it contains organic keys that provide access to the spirit of Iboga.