Meet Us

Our staff at the Iboga Wellness Center have been healed and trained by a Bwiti shaman from Gabon, Africa. Many of us have been initiated into the Bwiti tradition through the full initiation ceremony in Gabon, as well as experienced the Bwiti Rights of Passage- a very rigorous and spiritually challenging ceremony that takes a man from boyhood to manhood or a woman from girlhood to womanhood. These ceremonies are very intense and are only truly undergone by those who are living the path of Iboga.

We bring these traditions to our practice at the Iboga Wellness Center in a softer form while still holding the spirit of the medicine in the highest regard. Our ceremonies are carried out with the utmost safety, care and attention to our guests and each of their individual needs.

Since our work with Iboga we have had the privilege of leading over 300 Bwiti Iboga Ceremonies and guiding guests hundreds of guests to begin to reconnect to their soul. We do this with an unwavering passion and dedication to helping people heal.

Gary Cook

Gary – Bwiti Iboga Provider

In early 2012, Gary went to a shamanic Iboga facility with his son who needed help for opiate addiction. When he witnessed the transformation of his son, it inspired him deeply. Having been a spiritual seeker for almost 20 years, he also experienced a deep transformation and inner discovery using Iboga. He left his job in the United States and began training with a 10th generation shaman. He completed his training in the summer of 2012 and became a Shamanic Iboga provider at a shamanic Iboga facility. Later, Gary became the director of that facility and has dedicated himself to healing with Iboga since then. In 2013 Gary traveled to Gabon, Africa where he was initiated into the Bwiti tradition.

Anthony Esposito

Anthony – Bwiti Iboga Provider and Director of Guest Services

In early 2013 Anthony received the call from the spirit of Iboga to heal the root causes of his depression, anxiety, PTSD from sexual child abuse and addictions. His experience was so powerful and profound that it became clear he would serve the spirit of the plant and help to spread the healing of Iboga. He listened to his intuition and returned just weeks after his initial and life-altering retreat in Costa Rica.  He then started to work with the medicine on a deeper level and began training with 10th generation Bwiti shaman. In December 2013, he traveled to Gabon Africa to be initiated into the Bwiti tradition. In July of 2015, he returned to the source and went through the rite of passage which is a tradition that the bwiti conduct to move kids from boyhood to manhood. Through his own healing and his commitment to find peace in his life, he developed a deep relationship with Iboga. He has extensive experience leading ceremonies, serving medicine, guiding guests on a spiritual self discovery and assisting them through a transformational experience. He is committed to building a strong bridge for people to heal their souls, to find peace in their lives by using this powerful plant and to help them integrate the teachings of Iboga into everyday life.

Anthony is the founder of Awaken Your Soul. His intention for this site is to spread Iboga’s healing message, provide information about this courageous medicine, and to share the sacred wisdom of the Bwiti tradition.

Levi Parker

Levi – Bwiti Iboga Provider

Levi is a former tech entrepreneur who has been working on himself with the aid of iboga & other plant medicines for the last 6+ years. Since being a young boy Levi has always felt drawn to helping bring out the best in people. After on and off training for a 3 year period while managing his businesses Levi listened to his soul & dedicated himself to training to work with iboga. After training non stop at Iboga Wellness for 18 months Levi went to Africa to be initiated & was also graduated by a Bwiti shaman to be an iboga provider.
After many years of struggling with varying substances, decisions, and blame from traumatic early childhood years, Levi was able to take control of his life with iboga guiding him.

Levi also plays mongongo (Bwiti mouth bow) & is an aspiring Bwiti musician.

Kalidonia Medina

Kali – Aftercare

Kali is a wonderful, kind, and caring person. A native of Nicaragua, she embodies the warmth and love of her people. She has used Iboga through ceremony to improve her own life, and to strengthen her relationship with her partner, Levi. She has been working at Iboga Wellness for the past year and a half, providing aftercare and participating in our Bwiti ceremonies. Kali has become an integral part of the care that we provide.


Sandy Cook


Sandy – Aftercare

When Sandy’s son, Jeff, freed himself from his addictions using Iboga, Sandy was at first skeptical.  But as Jeff continued to improve and become lighter, she could see how powerful this medicine is and decided to experience Iboga for herself.  After two journeys, she decided to retire from her career as a kindergarten teacher and join us as part of the staff.  As the joyful grandmother of four, Sandy brings her wisdom, compassion, and life experience to the center.  She enjoys supporting our guests before and after their journeys and caring for them as their transformations unfold.


Ana Leticia Ruiz Dominguez and Bolivar David Mora Fernandez


Leti and David – Chefs

Leti and David are an integral part of our cooking staff. Recently married, they work well together to create delicious meals for us. Leti is a native of Costa Rica and she has a wealth of knowledge about local foods as well as how to prepare them. David is from Ecuador and has recently made Costa Rica his new home. They both put a great deal of love and attention into the meals they prepare. The result is delicious meals that are made from natural sources without additives and artificial ingredients.