Addiction Detox Program

Making the Right Choice

If you are wondering if iboga is the right choice for you, there are a few things a person should take into consideration when making their decision…

freedom-ibogaThe first and most important requirement is that you have to be 100% ready to be done with drugs or alcohol. You have to know what you want and mean it. Iboga will work for you if you are ready but it will not take away a person’s free will.

The second requirement is that you have to do this for yourself, not for a parent, sibling, significant other, friend, boss, co-worker or anyone else…only you. If a loved one is pushing you into treatment or if your family has done an intervention but you are not quite ready, you would need to wait until you are doing the program for yourself.

The third requirement is that you have to take what you learned during your treatment program and apply it to life once you get home. You will go through an adjustment period once you leave here and it requires making decisions and taking action. You have to remember that nothing has changed at home while you were undergoing treatment. If you continue with the same way of thinking or continue to hang around the same people, places and situations then relapse will be likely. For example, if you discover you are not on your true life path when it comes to your career or if you are in a toxic relationship, it is very important not to procrastinate and take steps to make the necessary changes right away.

If you do not meet these 3 requirements, then you should save your time and money until you are ready. We want our program to be successful for a person that wants our help.

A Hybrid Approach

When Iboga Wellness Center opened in 2014, we were treating people for opiate and other substance dependencies using Iboga. We had great success with the vast majority of the people who underwent these programs attaining long term freedom from prior dependencies. However, early in 2015, we were informed by government officials in Costa Rica that these programs had be terminated. So we dropped our programs that dealt with treating people that had dependencies when they arrived.

While we were treating people for opiate dependencies, we observed that the process could be broken down into 3 parts. The first part of the process was to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and get our guest past the physical dependency. Once that was attained, we would enter the second part of the process where we would use Iboga to discover what issues and experiences had led to the dependency. This second part of the process utilized our Psycho-Spiritual program to get to the underlying causes. And we also noticed that people did better with some counseling for several months after.

So we have developed a new program for helping people with substance dependencies. Our new program also has 3 parts to it:

Step 1 – Ibogaine treatment at an independent medical facility

There are many Ibogaine treatment centers around the world. We have worked with several of them, especially those centers that are located in Mexico. We can make recommendations and arrange for you to be treated at an Ibogaine center that we trust. The centers generally have 5-day programs that are targeted at getting the patient past the withdrawals of opiate addiction in a safe, medically supervised environment.

Step 2 – Psycho-Spiritual program at Iboga Wellness Center

Once the physical dependencies have been overcome, we have you come to our facility in Costa Rica. Then you are ready to begin our 8-day Psycho-Spiritual program which will address the underlying issues which led to substance dependency. Often traumas from early childhood or sexual abuse in the past can lead people become dependent on substances. Iboga is an extremely effective tool to figure out what really happened in our past on a very personal level. This is the key to healing and freedom from dependencies. At our center, we don’t use pharmaceutical Ibogaine and we only use wild-harvested Iboga from Africa.

Step 3 – Aftercare and counseling

By following the first 2 steps above, you can become free from your substance dependencies and also become free from the inner pain that led to those destructive patterns. It is extremely important to smoothly transition back to your life at home. Generally, there are relationships and situations that need to change to create the best environment for you. We have counselors on our staff that can help guide you through this process. We also work with other counselors and facilities that are sometimes helpful during first month or two after your treatment.

If are interested in this program to overcome a substance dependency, please contact us for details on pricing and schedule. You can talk with one of our counselors and get more information about the program.


What we do not treat

We do not detox people from benzodiazepines. If you are currently taking a benzo (such as xanax, klonipin, ativan, valium…) you will have to ween off and be stable prior to arrival. This may take at least a month or more to be withdrawal free at the time of treatment. Although iboga is used to treat overall addiction, the reason we do not detox a person off of benzos is because withdrawals can be severe and iboga does not take away benzo withdrawals like it does with opiates. Other centers may follow a different protocol, but these guidelines have been set by our experienced providers. Our center will not detox a person and treat them for drug addiction if they want to remain on benzos.

We do not detox people that are physically addicted to alcohol. If you experience shaking, DTs or seizures if you do not drink alcohol then you would need to complete an initial detox in a hospital or rehab facility before arrival under the supervision of a doctor. Alcohol withdrawals can be fatal so we have a strict safety protocol regarding alcohol. A person has to stop drinking at least 5 days prior to arrival or until withdrawal symptoms subside.

We will not administer iboga to anyone that has recently ingested an amphetamine since iboga can speed up the heart as well. We require a person to stop using amphetamines or stimulants at the very least 72 hours prior to arrival for maximum safety. This includes Adderall, Ritalin, crack, cocaine, ephedra, meth, etc…

For the most part, we follow the ibogaine manual and we have also established further safety guidelines of our own. Most medications (besides some natural hormones) cannot be taken at the same time as iboga. This means we cannot treat anyone currently on medications including SSRIs, sleep meds, blood pressure medication and others. Anyone that has been on an SSRI or SNRI will have to be off of the medication at the very least 7 days prior to arrival. This should be done with the supervision of your doctor. Please ask us if you have any questions about medications.

You can fill out a contact form here if you would like to speak with an Iboga Wellness Team Member and a screening form will be emailed to you.