Alcohol Detox

Iboga Wellness Center cannot detox a person that is physically addicted to alcohol due to safety. The initial detox should be done under the supervision of a doctor before arrival. Detoxing prior to arrival is for people that would experience possible shaking, seizures, DTs and temporary psychosis when refraining from drinking alcohol. Iboga is used for overall addiction and can be very beneficial to people suffering from alcohol addiction, but we ask that a person stops drinking at least 5 days prior to arrival. All people participating in the addiction detox program for alcohol can attend an 9 day retreat since there will not be any withdrawals. In most cases, a liver panel blood test done by your doctor may be required.

Please call our director of guest services or fill out a contact form for a pre-screening to determine if you qualify for the program. Please click here for an overview of the program.

Here is a testimonial by Marilyn. She came to the Iboga Wellness Center for Alcohol Addiction