Reconnecting with your soul

Here at Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica, we work with Iboga, an African plant medicine. Iboga has been used in Gabon, Africa for countless generations where this medicinal plant grows natively. The people in Gabon that work with this medicine are called the Bwiti. One of the primary uses of Iboga by the Bwiti is to use this medicine in ceremonies that greatly enhance their spiritual abilities. During these ceremonies, each individual is able to make direct contact with their soul and communicate directly. Our shamanic providers have all participated in these ceremonies and have been trained in the techniques involved. We have connected hundreds of people from our western culture with their souls in this way.

At Iboga Wellness Center, we perform very similar ceremonies to those that are done in Gabon. We use Iboga to take you into the spirit world using our training to guide you to meet your soul, face to face. At that point, a dialog is possible for most people. You can ask questions and get truthful answers that most people find extremely useful.

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