A Spiritual Shower is included in all of our retreat programs at the Iboga Wellness Center. It is a powerful, cleansing ceremony done at a beautiful, tranquil river here in Costa Rica. The Bwiti Tradition uses spiritual showers in all of their initiation and healing ceremonies to cleanse your body and spirit of negative energies. It is part of the re-birth process. When you do a spiritual shower, you have to know why you want to cleanse yourself first. We have our guests set their intentions and identify what they want to get rid of in their lives. When participating in a spiritual shower, Bwiti music is sang and the nature spirits are called in using a centuries old Bwiti tradition. Our Shamanic Iboga Providers use herbs and woodbarks from Africa. Some of the sacred African herbs and woodbarks used in the Spiritual Shower are Moutombi, Obaka, Moukoumi, Yellow Mouamba, Ikalou, Moukossa, Panzandza, Moungouli, Pembi, Maboudza, Issoni, and Yingou. After the cleansing process, you change into new clothes and leave the old clothes behind (in a private setting). Our guests frequently describe the spiritual shower as a powerful and transformative experience and a very heartfelt part of the program.