Suboxone Detox

Suboxone and Subutex are long acting opioids and Iboga Wellness Center has a unique protocol for people addicted to suboxone because of this. If you have been on suboxone or subutex for more than a few months, we recommend an 18 day or 30 day addiction detox program instead of the typical 9 day program. Please speak with an Iboga Wellness Center team member to determine the appropriate program.

We recommend switching to a short acting opiate (oxycodone, hydrocodone, percocet…) at least 4-8 weeks prior to arrival (the longer the better). This will make the detox process much easier on an individual and a 18 day program can be completed instead of a 30 day program in most cases depending on the number of years on a long acting opiate. Switching to a shorter acting opiate increases the safety and speed of the detoxification process.

Why do I have to participate in a 30 day program?

Iboga Wellness Center has tailored each program from years of experience. We want our program to be successful for people and we believe it should be done right the first time. The problem with longer acting opiates/opioids is post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) that can linger after an initial detox from these drugs. We do not want a person to go home shortly after the initial detox and start feeling withdrawals at a later date. The 30 day program allows a person to take more iboga in a safe environment and go home when they are feeling strong.

Please call our director of guest services or fill out a contact form for a pre-screening to determine if you qualify for the program. Please click here for an overview of the program.

This is Jeanie’s story and how she reclaimed her life from Suboxone with the help of iboga