10 Tips For Adjusting to Life After Iboga / Ibogaine

Adjusting after iboga After you experience a life changing iboga retreat there can be an adjustment period when you go back to normal life. This is a powerful time to put new habits into use. You have to remember that although you have changed, people and the environment back home hasn't changed. Here are ten tips to keep... more

10 Tips to Better Your Iboga Experience

Iboga Journey 1. Preparation. Unlike Ayahuasca, there is no food preparation with Iboga. No special diet. However it is best to stay hydrated a few days before and during your retreat since the process can cause constipation if you are dehydrated. No alcohol should be ingested five days prior as well. The most important preparation... more

5 Things You Should Know About Iboga

Iboga Shrub Iboga Shrub
1. Iboga is a tool. Iboga is a visionary plant medicine that is on this earth for all who seek it. Iboga is not a magic bullet and it is important to meet it halfway. You can learn from it and use the spirit of iboga's help and guidance to heal... more

Iboga / Ibogaine Aftercare – Acceptance

Iboga Aftercare Iboga Aftercare Practicing Acceptance Whether you have undergone an iboga journey for addiction, depression or for personal exploration at Iboga Wellness Center, there are a few principles you will have learned that can be put into practice in everyday life for your own happiness. Acceptance is one of those principles... more

Depression and Losing Control

iboga and depression losing control of your own thoughtsPeople from all walks of life come to the Iboga Wellness Center. Some people come for problems with addiction, depression, anxiety or all the above and everything in between. All of these problems are manifestations of one larger, underlying core issue which is losing control... more

Chronic Pain and Iboga / Ibogaine

iboga / ibogaine for painThere are two indole alkaloids within the iboga root that have been studied for treating pain. The two alkaloids that have shown the highest analgesic effects are Tabernanthine and Ibogaine. This is also a reason why the use of the iboga root total alkaloid extract (TA) can be more useful than... more

Iboga / Ibogaine Aftercare – Staying Clean

freedomSo I talked about this last night at our Bwiti Iboga Fire Ceremony here at the Iboga Wellness Center. We talk about lots of things during ceremony, mostly just about life, thats what Bwiti is: The Study of Life. Bwiti is not a religion like you may read on the internet. Its just a... more

Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) and Iboga / Ibogaine

Post Acute Withdrawal SyndromeMany people are aware of the first stage of withdrawal when detoxing from drugs and/or medications such as opiates. But doctors and rehabilitation centers may not educate patients on the second stage of withdrawals which is called Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS for short. During this... more

Iboga / Ibogaine for PTSD

Iboga for PTSD Iboga for PTSDHow can iboga / ibogaine help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? People that have gone through the iboga process to work on their PTSD describe the experience as comparable to 10 years of therapy compacted into a week. Iboga gives you a chance to go deep. It not only helps with detoxing the... more

Trust and the Iboga Journey

Iboga Wellness Center The amazing Iboga Journey Trust is a very important component to having an amazing, life-changing iboga retreat. When you trust your provider and feel like your are in a safe and comfortable environment, you will calm your mind and focus on the "task at hand". The task is connecting to your soul and finding out... more